Evolution of the Automobiles Part 3
My partner Darren Singh and I have made great progress on our genius hour reflection which has been really great. We have now started to put our notes together into sentences because the genius our presentation is going to be coming soon. Our way to present our genius hour reflection is to present on a laptop by doing a slideshow on a power point. When we first chose this project I thought it was going to be a really complicated idea but after when we started searching about this topic I saw that there was a lot of information and history about different cars being invented. Mostly my partner had searched up all the information about vintage cars and how they were being revolutionized. I had used my partner’s information which was really a key source to our project and I had taken point form notes. After when I was done taking point form notes I had used those same notes and turned them into full sentences. The hardest part for us is going to be the presentation. I’m usually a nervous guy when it comes to presentations but I’m going to change that problem by start practicing the way I’m going present it and what specifics things I’m going to talk about.   


Evolution of Automobiles

Hi, my name is Naresh Rattu. Learning about the history of automobiles is an important thing to learn in the economy life. This topic was really interesting to me because I was really curious about learning about who came up with the idea and when it was invented. So far I have learned many things I was never aware of. This topic has improved my skills because learning about others things is always good for you. I still have many questions about this topic and I will keep on researching about the questions I have about this topic. My perspective has changed because I never thought learning about the history of automobiles was really an interesting thing but when I thought about doing this topic I thought it was a good choice.

To learn about this topic I had many resources to look through. One of my resources was books that told about cars. Also sites like Wikipedia and History.com gave me a lot of information about this topic which helped me a lot to know about vintage and modern era automobiles. One of my biggest challenges so far is that it’s really hard to know about vintage cars because old information is always hard to find. I would keep on researching about this topic until I get all my answers.

I think some rules in the education system are corrupted. The rule i hate is that every grade has an age group which is one thing i don't think its necessary. I think each person should have a chance to prove himself that they are talented and smart to other people even if they are older then them. Some students get stressed about school because some students get pressured about whats happening around them.


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    October 2013